Research & Development

Kennon’s Research & Development efforts focus on protective and life saving solutions. While we work primarily for DoD customers, we also work largely within the aerospace and healthcare industries. We are particularly effective in the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program, which provides distinct advantages for us as a developer and for the sponsoring agencies and associated program offices.

Kennon’s R&D strengths lie in materials and material systems, our broad network of collaborators and innovative designs. Our R&D Engineers design and innovate with an eye towards simplicity, manufacturability and reduced life cycle costs. In the SBIR realm, Kennon has an impressively high percentage of projects that proceed to Phase III, a principle goal of the SBIR program. This success is a direct reflection on our commitment to the design and manufacturing of high quality, high value protective systems.


KC-46 Thermal Radiation Protection Development

Kennon Products, Inc. is developing thermal curtains for the 20 windows of the KC-46 aircraft. This system is intended to protect the aircraft interior, specifically the aircrew, from the harmful effects of intense thermal radiation exposure. The system is designed to be quickly and easily installed into the windows of the KC-46 when deployed.

Life Preserver Unit Development

The LPU is the next generation life preserver unit that has been in development by a group of Kennon engineers since early 2012. This new design is lighter and less bulky than existing alternatives which will allow the airmen to move more freely while maintaining the highest safety standards. Efforts are now focused on flight qualifications of this new design.

V-22 Armor Development

Kennon is committed to the protection of high value assets, the most important being life. This engineering team is working to develop a lightweight armor system for the Navy and Air Force. This armor will be an anti-ballistic composite designed for the V-22 Osprey. Using patented technology, Kennon is making innovative strides in the armor market.

Kennon Composite Utility Clamp

Kennon Products created the Kennon Composite Utility Clamp for the U.S. Navy. This patented technology replaced the existing stud attachments for the cabin lining systems on the V-22 Osprey/HMX-1 aircraft. These clamps allow the insulating material to be removed and repositioned quickly and easily by the aircraft maintainers.

V-22 Osprey/HMX-1 Cabin Liner System

Kennon began development of a new Cabin Liner system for the V-22 Osprey/HMX-1 aircraft in 2014 after the successful development of the Kennon Composite Utility Clamp. This system provides a safer environment for passengers and allows the aircraft maintainers to install within minutes rather than hours.