Kennon has been developing custom aircraft covers for almost 40 years

Our customers in general aviation, commercial aviation, and the military view us as the leader in protection with our window shades, aircraft canopy covers, exhaust/intake system covers, and cowl plugs. Our covers also protect UAVs and various weapons. Protecting high-value assets doesn’t stop with airplane covers. We designed the Kennon Door — the original soft-sided, suicide resistant, anti-ligature safe door. Patients maintain their privacy and dignity while the door reduces opportunities for sentinel events in behavioral health facilities. Also, Kennon is now manufacturing custom-designed bar covers for restaurants and lounges. Our covers will protect your bar from weather and even rodents! Kennon can develop the perfect solution for whatever valuable asset you need to protect.

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August 30, 2022

Inspiring Healing Through Nature

The Kennon Door 2.0 is an easy, safe way to incorporate biophilia into patient recovery. Patient rooms tend to be aesthetically sterile. With its natural curves and vibrant photography, the door can be very impactful: facilitating patient recovery while maintaining its primary function.

July 27, 2022

Where You’ll Find Monsters and Anti-Ligature Bathroom Doors

Last night I was at dinner attempting to explain Kennon’s products to my brother. I told him about the covers we make for military aircraft that keep dust and other… more Where You’ll Find Monsters and Anti-Ligature Bathroom Doors

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