Kennon Premium A-10 Covers are made to protect your aircraft from FOD while standing up to your harsh flight line environment and constant UV exposure. Kennon’s covers look great now and for years to come.

Kennon uses advanced composite textiles and precision stitching, that will keep water and dust out. Kennon is ISO 9001-2015 certified, assuring quality that won’t disappoint your team.

Items are available in various colors. We will also print in HD, your unit’s graphics on most military items, at no additional charge.

Kennon’s customer service never stops!

Purchase directly from us using your unit’s credit card, or you can contract with us for larger purchases. Kennon premium covers are also available through our GSA schedule.Kennon manufactures both engine plugs and external engine covers for the Warthog.  Along with these offerings, we also manufacture a large variety of sun shields, and other cover and plug options.


A-10 Engine Exhaust Cover KENA10EXCAP SET
A-10 Gun Cover KENA10GUNCVR EA
A-10 Engine Intake Cover KENA10INTAKE SET
A-10 Pitot Tube Cover KENA10PITOT EA
A-10 Ejection Seat Maintenance Cover KENA10SEAT EA
A-10 Wing & Tail Covers KENA10WTC SET


A-10 APU & Environmental Cooling System Plugs KENA10APUECSSET SET
A-10 APU Intake & Exhaust Plug KENA10APUPLGSET SET
A-10 Engine Exhaust Plug KENA10EXPLG SET
A-10 Gun Cooling Port Plug KENA10GUNPLG EA
A-10 Engine Intake Plug KENA10INPLG SET

Sun Shields

A-10 / OA-10 Sun Shields KENA10-01A SET


15-foot long webbing strap to secure engine intake and exhaust plugs together. Fits A-10 and others. Two required per engine. KENSTRAP15 EA