E-3 Sentry

An E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft from Tinker AFB, OK, in the air on a mission.The E-3 Sentry is modified Boeing 707/320 commercial airframe with a rotating radar dome. The dome is 30 feet in diameter, 6 feet thick and is held 11 feet above the fuselage by two struts.It contains a radar subsystem that permits surveillance from the Earth's surface up into the stratosphere, over land or water. The radar has a range of more than 200 miles for low-flying targets and farther for aerospace vehicles flying at medium to high altitudes. (U.S. Air Force photo by TSgt. John K. McDowell)

Kennon manufactures Intake and Exhaust covers for the E-3 Sentry. AWACS aircraft are always deployed somewhere in the world. Our E-3 engine covers were re-designed in 2018 on-site with the help of Tinker AFB maintainers to address their specific needs and concerns for operating conditions ranging from arctic snow to extreme desert heat and wind. We extended the intake covers and reinforced certain areas of the exhaust covers which were prone to tearing. These changes were necessary to better protect the engines from ice, blowing sand, dirt and other FOD hazards. We did this while keeping the weight and folded size within Tinker’s small deployment footprint requirements.


“Soft style” Exhaust Cover KENE3EXCAP EA
“Soft style” Intake cover KENE3INTAKE EA