Protecting high value assets is at the core of everything we do. With this in mind, our products are manufactured using state of the art materials with stringent internal quality controls. Designed for durability and ease our products are widely used across all branches of the military for many different types of aircraft. Customer satisfaction is our goal so all of our covers, plugs and sun shields have a 100% guarantee.


F-15 Blade Antenna Covers KENF15BLDANTCVR SET
F-15A/C Canopy Cover KENF15CAN EA
F-15C Canopy Cover KENF15CCANOPEN EA
F-15C Intake Cover – Fits C – model KENF15CINTAKE SET
F-15B/D/E Canopy Cover KENF15DECAN EA
F-15B/D/E Forward Display Cover KENF15DEFDISP EA
F-15 D/E HUD Maintenance Cover KENF15DEHUD-MX EA
F-15B/D/E Rear Display Cover KENF15DERDISP EA
F-15 Intake Cover – Fits E models KENF15EINTAKE SET
F-15E Intake Cover – Fits E models (2 covers: 1 left, 1 right) KENF15EINTAKE SET
F-15 Engine Exhaust Cover KENF15EXCAP SET
F-15 Wheel Cover, Forward KENF15FWHLCOVR EA
F-15 Wheel Cover, Main KENF15MWHLCVR EA
F-15 Pitot Probe Cover KENF15PITOT SET
F-15 Ejection Seat Cover KENF15SEAT EA
F-15 Ejection Seat Pitot Cover & Pin Bag Assembly KENF15SEATPIN SET
F-15 Ejection Seat Pitot Cover KENF15SEATPITOT SET
F-15 Shark Fin Antenna Cover KENF15SFANTCVR EA
F-15 Stabilator Cover, Padded, Reversible KENF15STAB EA
F-15 Wheel Cover, Forward KENF15WHLSET SET


F-15C/D Engine Exhaust Plug with 6 inch foam KENF15CDEXPLG6 SET
F-15E Engine Exhaust Plug with 6 inch foam KENF15EEXPLG6 SET
F-15C/D/E Engine Exhaust Plug KENF15EXHPLG SET
F-15 Folding Engine Exhaust Plug KENF15EXPLGFLD SET
F-15 Engine Intake Plug KENF15INPLG SET
F-15 Engine Intake Plug with 6″ foam KENF15INPLG6 SET
F-15 Folding Engine Intake Plug KENF15INPLGFLD SETPLUGS

Sun Shields

F-15A,C Sun Shields KENF15A-01A SET
F-15B,D,E Sun Shields KENF15B-01A SET