Kennon Premium H-47 Covers are made to stand up to your tough flight line environment. Our covers are made using advanced composite textiles and precision stitching. Kennon is ISO 9001-2015 certified, which assures quality that won’t let your team down.

Our covers are available in standard desert sand, as well as green, black, and a variety of other colors. We can include your unit’s full-color graphics, printed in high-definition, on any military item for no charge.

Purchase direct from us using your unit’s credit card, or alternatively, you can contract with us for larger purchases. Kennon premium covers are also available through our GSA schedule.


Integrated engineering and production are the heart of Kennon. Our spirit of collaboration extends to our customers, where we engage with communication and transparency. We’ve created a process that leads to rapid prototypes, faster iterations, and a frictionless transition to production. Since 1984, Kennon has empowered heroes with state-of-the-art protection for themselves, their equipment, and machines.

Protecting high value assets is at the core of everything we do. With this in mind, our products are manufactured using state of the art materials with stringent internal quality controls. Designed for durability and ease our products are widely used across all branches of the military for many different types of aircraft. Customer satisfaction is our goal so all of our covers, plugs and sun shields have a 100% guarantee.

Rotor Cover — Blade Cover
Left Engine Cover
Cockpit Cover


CH-47 Cockpit Cover KENCH47CPC EA
CH-47 Desert Kit KENCH47DKIT SET
CH-47 Engine Cover KENCH47ENG SET
CH-47 Engine Cover with EPS KENCH47ENGEPS S SET
CH-47 Engine Covers with EPS and Heater Hose Attachment KENCH47ENGEPSHEAT SET
CH-47 Engine Exhaust Cover KENCH47EXCAPS SET
CH-47 Forward Pylon Cover KENCH47FPY EA
CH-47 ICMD Dual Bucket Chaff Cover KENCH47ICMDCHF-01A EA
CH-47 ICMD Single Bucket Flare Cover KENCH47ICMDFL-01A EA
CH-47 Main Rotor Blade Cover KENCH47-201-01A EA
CH-47 Rotor Head / Swashplate Cover, Aft KENCH47RSC EA
CH-47 Rotor Head / Swashplate Cover, Forward KENCH47APY EA

Sun Shields

CH-47 Sun Shields KENCH47A-01A SET