Kennon is the sole-source OEM provider of the Fly-Away-Kits (FAK) developed in conjunction with American Eurocopter/Airbus and the US Army.

Delivered with new aircraft, the FAKs are available in two configurations: helicopters with sand filters, or helicopters without. Those equipped with sand filters operate in harsh environments and benefit from Kennon’s padded cockpit cover to help prevent damage to the windscreen due to blowing rocks and sand.

FAKs have a typical life of 3-5 years, however, many have been in use since 2008.

Integrated engineering and production are the heart of Kennon. Our spirit of collaboration extends to our customers, where we engage with communication and transparency. We’ve created a process that leads to rapid prototypes, faster iterations, and a frictionless transition to production. Since 1984, Kennon has empowered heroes with state-of-the-art protection for themselves, their equipment, and machines.

Unpadded Cockpit Cover
Sun Shields
Outside Air Temperature Probe Cover
Padded Cockpit Cover – Sun Shields – Rotor Head Cover


EC-145/LUH-72 Cockpit Cover KENEC145CPT EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Engine Exhaust Cover KENEC145EXH SET
EC-145/LUH-72 Engine Intake & Sand Filter Cover KENEC145INSND EA
EC-145 FAK Storage Bag KENEC145FAKBAG EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Fly Away Kit, For aircraft w/ sand filter KENEC145FAKSND-02A SET
EC-145/LUH-72 Fly Away Kit, For aircraft w/o sand filter KENEC145FAK-02A SET
EC-145/LUH-72 Main Rotor Blade Tiedown KENEC145BTD-01A EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Main Rotor Head / Swashplate Cover KENEC145MRSC EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Outside Air Temperature Probe Cover KENEC145OAT SET
EC-145/LUH-72 Padded Cockpit Cover KENEC145PCPT EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Pitot Tube Cover KENEC145PITOT EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Tail Rotor Blade Cover KENEC145TBLC EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Tail Rotor Blade Tie Down KENEC145TRBTD-02A EA


EC-145/LUH-72 Engine Intake Plug KENEC145INPLG SET

Sun Shields

EC-145/LUH-72 Sun Shade, Forward Windscreen KENEC145FWDSS-01A EA
EC-145/LUH-72 Sun Shields (Not Including Windshield) KENEC145-01A SET