Kennon 40-Year Celebration

To Our Most Important Friends

When the sun’s rays bear down on aircraft cockpits, the temperature can soar to dangerous levels, risking damage to vital avionics. Forty years ago, Kennon founder Ron Kensey faced this challenge head-on. Armed with nothing but ingenuity and a roll of bubble construction foil from a garage sale, he crafted the first-ever Sun Shield, forever changing the landscape of aircraft safety. Since then, Kennon’s innovative solutions have safeguarded tens of thousands of pilots and their aircraft worldwide.

It’s 2024, and Kennon has not one but two momentous occasions to celebrate!

Working at Kennon has always been more than just a job. It’s a feeling that starts with Ron Kensey, who always viewed the employees as an extension of his own family. In 2015, driven by a vision of legacy, Ron initiated an unprecedented move: transitioning ownership to the employees. Our second reason for celebrating is the culmination of that vision. Ron’s legacy has become a reality this spring as our 60 dedicated employees assumed full ownership of Kennon. It’s a remarkable milestone for Ron and the employee-owners of Kennon.

In the past four decades, Kennon has evolved from pioneering Sun Shields for Cessnas to crafting custom plugs and covers that protect the most advanced fighter jets on the planet. Along this remarkable journey, we also developed a groundbreaking door that enhanced safety for behavioral health patients and grew our engineering services department to include countless cutting-edge technologies. Our story is nothing short of epic, and we cordially invite you to rejoice in these achievements with us.

To commemorate these dual milestones, we’re throwing a jubilant celebration! Kennon will host Business After Hours in collaboration with the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce on June 19th. Enjoy music, indulge in delectable appetizers from Bino’s, and savor refreshing beverages from Sheridan’s Black Tooth Brewing.

We extend our heartfelt invitation for you to join us:

You are invited!

June 19th 5:00-7:00 PM
Tours for our Friends Start at 4:00 PM

Let us guide you through our facilities, raise a beverage together, and revel in this extraordinary moment. After all, our journey wouldn’t be complete without you!

Becky Cooper

Ron Kensey

1100 Hi Tech Drive
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801