Kennon’s PMAC Covers Stow On-Board

The F-22 and F-35 fighter jets are marvels of modern technology. These advanced aircraft require the most advanced protective measures to ensure longevity and effectiveness in the face of damaging environmental elements. Kennon’s PMAC covers are a critical component of fifth-generation fighter jet maintenance and protection, and they play a crucial role in keeping these advanced fighter jets operational.

Kennon PMAC Flush Port Module (beta cover) and Pitot Cover (alpha cover)

There are two key benefits of Kennon’s PMAC covers. First is their ability to protect sensitive electronics from the elements. The advanced avionics and sensors on the two platforms are not only critical to their combat capabilities but are also vulnerable to environmental damage. PMAC covers protect these sensitive components, shielding them from moisture, dust, insects, birds, and other hazards. The second key benefit is they fold up and travel on board the aircraft. They’re lightweight and flexible, yet capable of withstanding harsh conditions. The covers use advanced composite materials engineered to provide exceptional protection without adding excessive weight to the aircraft.

PMAC covers on an F-22.

PMAC covers travel with the aircraft, and are easy to install and remove, allowing maintenance crews to quickly and efficiently service the aircraft. They help ensure the jets are in optimal condition and always ready for deployment. The covers are modular, with individual panels that may be removed without affecting other covers.

PMAC covers are an essential component of F-22 and F-35 maintenance and protection. They protect the aircraft’s stealth capabilities. With their advanced composite materials, lightweight design, and modular construction, PMAC covers are a testament to Kennon’s ongoing innovation in military technology. As the two platforms continue to serve as key assets for air forces worldwide, Kennon PMAC covers will be critical in ensuring continued effectiveness and longevity.